AYOUN Slim- Glucomannan powder. The sensational weight loss aid!

Numerous studies have proven: Konjac root makes the pounds fall off!

100% organic konjac powder in top quality. Vegan and gluten-free.

Konjac powder is a substance extracted from the konjac root, the root of the so-called devil's tongue. It has the property of increasing its volume tenfold when swollen with water or other liquids. The active ingredient contained in this powder is called glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fibre that has sensational properties.

The three steps for your weight loss:

♦ Konjac powder binds and absorbs not only water but also fat. In this way, the total amount of fat in the intake of food is reduced. The absorbed fat is simply excreted through bowel movements.

Konjac powder makes you feel full. The glucomannans in konjac powder expand in the digestive tract and therefore make you feel full in a pleasant and lasting way. In addition Konjac powder has a prebiotic effect, i.e. it ensures that the beneficial intestinal bacteria can multiply.

Konjac powder reduces appetite. According to the studies, glucomannans lower the grehlin level. Grehlin is a hormone. If its level is high, you feel hungry. If it is low, you are less hungry and it is easy to eat less. This effect lasts even when you are sober. Thus, konjac powder can also prevent cravings throughout the day and thus minimise calorie intake.

By the way:

Konjac powder has even been found by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to be so effective in its role as a weight loss aid that AYOUN Slim can officially carry the following label:

"Reduction in body weight when at least 3g of glucomannans are taken daily in three 1g portions with 300ml of water each before a meal by overweight individuals."

→ AYOUN Slim is therefore not just any food supplement, but THE reliable weight loss aid!

And, as always with AYOUN, in top quality.

Instructions for use: Stir 1g of AYOUN Slim (dosage spoon enclosed) 3x daily into 300ml of water or mix into a shake at least 45 minutes before meals. Do not wait before mixing, as glucomannan would otherwise form lumps due to its strong binding power. Drink within a few minutes after mixing.