The AYOUN philosophy

Our philosophy?

Only produce products that actually work and are fairly priced. Products that give our bodies vitality, health and beauty. Products that change our bodies in a positive way. Maybe even change our lives in a positive way. Together with our intention to found a company that positively advances something, makes something better, in short, does something good; yes, this can probably be described as our philosophy that drove us to found the company AYOUN.

All produced in Germany, in top quality and, where possible, sustainably packaged. In other words, a proud Made in Germany!

What we are not?

We are not a company that promises you to lose 32 kg of body weight in 4 weeks. That is simply not possible, even if you are now being lied to in the social media.

Nor will our products make you look 35 years younger, as promised by some creams that are floated onto the market only to disappear from the market again after a short time and lightning sales.

You will not become healthy just by taking AYOUN products. If you smoke like a chimney, eat only convenience food and limit your physical activity to operating the remote control, then you have a bad chance of really growing old. And you know that yourself.

There are no products that make you such promises. But there are products that help you achieve such goals. Many help you a little, others help you a lot.

Our products are the kind that can really help you a lot.

  • Our dietary supplement AYOUN One has been carefully developed with pharmacists . 13 ingredients, such as many vitamins, to make you more vital and healthier. Trace elements that give the body what it hardly ever gets in sufficient quantity through the daily diet. And OPC, MSM and Q10, which could be a real booster for the cell renewal and wrinkle smoothing of your skin. And all this in just one product. No hodgepodge of different products that cost a lot of money. No, just 6 tablets of AYOUN One a day. Done! This could actually happen. I'll tell you what it takes in a moment.
  • Our skin cream AYOUN Fresh (+++available from November+++) is also absolutely high-quality. A cream that combines two hyaluronic acids. Many hyaluronic creams only contain high-molecular hyaluronic acid. Although this immediately gives you a great skin feeling and often also a noticeable elasticity, it only works superficially and after a few hours or a shower the effect is gone and you look like before. And the skin will continue to age as before. AYOUN Fresh also contains low-molecular hyaluron. And it is precisely this that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. Paired with vitamins B5, E, B3 and urea, this is an effective cream that really has a lasting effect.
  • Our product AYOUN Slim is a hit and a real weapon against overweight. Konjac powder, obtained from the root of the devil's tongue, with the water-soluble dietary fibre glucomannan in organic quality. A powder that is simply taken with water and that has convinced so much in studies that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), AYOUN Slim in its function as a weight loss aid allows the following declaration:

"Reduction in body weight when at least 3g of glucomannans are taken daily in three 1g portions with 300ml of water each before a meal by overweight individuals."

By the way! EFSA doesn't exactly throw around such approvals in the field of food supplements. You can take our word for that.

I wanted to tell you what it takes for all these great products to work. It needs you! And your discipline! Maybe some of you are already clicking on this moment and going in search of various miracle pills or the treasure maps for fountains of youth.

Those who have stayed need nothing more than a little discipline and patience. Good things take time. There are no miracle pills. And "one apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away".

You have to want the change. Do something. Try something out to know what really helps.

Take a look at our products at your leisure. And if you have decided to let AYOUN into your life, then you have a partner at your side who really wants to be a help and could be. Provided you stick to our guidelines and follow through. Let us change something together. Make something better. In the best case:

-Your life-

With very best regards

Your team from AYOUN