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Negative side effects could not be detected in all the years of scientific research. Extensive studies on the toxicity (poisonousness) of e.g. OPC all ran with clearly negative results:

Among other laboratories, the Parisian Institut Pasteur determined the following:

OPC is

  • l non-toxic (toxic)
  • l non-carcinogenic (carcinogenic)
  • l non-mutagenic (changing the genetic make-up)

Test subjects were given 35000 mg per day over a period of six months, that is 35 g! They showed no negative effects whatsoever. Instead, it was recorded that these people had fantastically smooth skin - although this could also be achieved by a maximum dose of 300 mg per day.

The other ingredients of Ayoun One also rarely have side effects in normal overdose. These are limited to nausea, fatigue or gastrointestinal problems. However, one would have to take a multiple of the daily dosage recommended by Ayoun.

Our formula and recommended dosage has been developed by Ayoun for maximum effectiveness. We therefore recommend that you do not deviate from the recommended daily dosage, otherwise Ayoun One will not achieve the hoped-for results.

The many vitamins in Ayoun One can be felt after only a few days. The broad spectrum of effect of OPC, Coenzyme Q10 and MSM needs becomes noticeable after about 12 weeks.

In the following point we will go into this in more detail.

Due to the complex formula of Ayoun One, you can expect first results after a short time. You will probably feel more vital and maybe even mentally more balanced. Headaches will disappear, you will feel healthier and the pollen allergy may become tolerable after a few weeks. Your hair may also feel stronger and fuller.

For a visible result concerning your skin you need a little more patience. Many studies have shown that especially MSM and OPC need a minimum of 12 weeks to achieve the proven results. And this is not a sales strategy of Ayoun, but has been proven in many studies. Especially MSM, coenzyme Q10 and OPC have achieved fantastic results in numerous studies on skin diseases and skin aging. Wrinkles were reduced, the skin was no longer so dry and the skin's elasticity improved significantly. A more beautiful and younger skin appearance was the result. Even with skin diseases like psoriasis, rosacea, ichthyosis or neurodermatitis, some studies achieved remarkable results.

In rare cases there is a kind of initial deterioration. After the first

Ayoun One intake some people feel uncomfortable or tired, even slight digestive problems may occur. This is similar to an incipient flu.

This phenomenon is related to the activation of vitamin C stored in the body, which in turn increases blood flow and stimulates the elimination of toxins stored in the cells. The discomfort is explained by the fact that these toxins have been mobilised and are on their way out of the body. As soon as they are eliminated, one feels well and much more vital than before.

In other words, such a reaction is no cause for concern. On the contrary, it shows that the body is rid of toxins. Even though this may take a few days, you should not stop taking Ayoun one in this situation. It may be possible to reduce the dose by 20% for a few days.

An overdose of Ayoun One at a normal level is not harmful. However, if you take several times the recommended daily dose, you may experience discomfort in the stomach, liver, or intestines. Nausea and headaches may also occur.

To put it bluntly, scientific, systematic studies on the link between cancer prevention and food supplements are still pending. Even Professor Masquelier, the discoverer of OPC, has never spoken publicly on this subject, as he considered it irresponsible to raise false hopes.

However, it is known that free oxygen radicals contribute to the triggering of tumours. This connection can be read in Masquelier's US anti-radical patent from 1987: "Because of their strong anti-radical effect in combination with their rapid spread in connective tissue, procyanidins are therefore indicated as a protective substance against the dangers of cancer development through chemical, physical (ionising radiation) or biological (oncogenic) agents".

The carcinogenic effect of many substances only becomes apparent when exposed to free radicals. Because of its ability to defuse free radicals, OPC in particular is therefore considered an effective means of preventing such processes.

However, it should be noted that OPC is not necessarily helpful in the case of a diagnosed tumor disease during chemo- or radiotherapy:

The above mentioned therapies have a prooxidative effect, a strong antioxidant would be contrary to them.

In general, you should always consult a doctor in the case of serious illnesses if you wish to take dietary supplements in addition to your medication.

Taking vitamin C combined with OPC has proven to be quite useful. OPC can reactivate vitamin C molecules that have been consumed by a regeneration process several times.

At the same time, the OPC increases the effect of vitamin C in the body by a factor of ten. Thus, the two factors influence each other. This process is also called redox reaction. By taking OPC and vitamin C at the same time, both substances reinforce each other:

Vitamin C enhances the vascular protective effect of OPC and OPC multiplies the effect of vitamin C. As OPC is a natural enhancer of vitamin C, one tenth of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C is sufficient when administered simultaneously. Therefore, it could be that you are simply too vital to fall asleep. You should take Ayoun one in the morning and at lunchtime before eating.

Ayoun One has been tested and certified for its ingredients in terms of interaction. There are no reports of interactions with drugs in serious diseases. You should therefore speak to your doctor if you are taking strong medication and would like to take dietary supplements.

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The formula of Ayoun one takes into account the additional supply of vitamins etc. through daily food intake. So you can take Ayoun one without hesitation, even if you eat a healthy diet. On the contrary. This even increases the effect of Ayoun One.

Bulky molecules, such as alcohol, can only be broken down and eliminated by the organism with the help of aggressive free radicals. So if you drink a lot of alcohol, more free radicals are formed. However, these not only break down the alcohol molecules, but also attack the surrounding tissues. The well-known destructive consequences of high alcohol consumption are due to the free radicals and their destructive effects in the organism.

There is no negative interaction between Ayoun one and alcohol. However, you should generally take care not to drink too much alcohol.

During pregnancy and also while breastfeeding, you should be aware of

Ayoun One. The dosage of the ingredients would simply be too strong for your child. However, there are OPC studies that have shown significant results regarding stretch marks and skin firmness after pregnancy.