OPC- the strength of grape seeds part 2.

OPC - How does OPC affect our heart and blood vessels? 

In our articles we told them that free radicals attack our skin from the outside and inside. But they do not only attack our skin, the heart and blood vessels are also severely affected. 

How can OPC help? 

OPC is a strong antioxidant and strengthens the fibre proteins collagen and elastin, among others. OPC also causes less cholesterol to be deposited by protecting the important protein HDL, which is responsible for the removal of cholesterol. OPC ensures that the walls of the blood vessels remain stable and elastic and that no cholesterol deposits are formed. Thus OPC reduces the risk of a heart attack, increased blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Cardiovascular problems can be minimized by OPC. 

What happens in the body when free radicals attack our blood vessels?

The blood vessels in our body need the fibre proteins (collagen and elastin) to remain stable and elastic at the same time. So the blood can flow well. Free radicals attack the fibre proteins and their number decreases. Now a vicious circle begins. The walls of the blood vessels harden and deposits are formed, as the cholesterol can no longer be removed sufficiently. The blood can only flow when the blood pressure is raised. Increased blood pressure damages our heart - it has to work much harder to keep the blood flow going. In the worst case this vicious circle can cause a heart attack.